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In 2002, Michael G1XCC, Dave G4RQI, John G4RCG got together with the idea of resurrecting GB3WU a 70cm voice repeater that had closed down the previous year. Unfortunately it coincided with Ofcom suspending the licensing of any new 70cm repeaters so we turned our attention to building a 2m repeater instead. Contrary to popular belief we have no affiliation to any clubs in the area and rely on the generosity of our users to support us by making an annual donation each February.

We currently operate three analog repeaters GB3YW, GB3WC, GB3WY and four digital repeaters GB7TD, GB7LE, GB7HS, GB7BA that are located in the county of West Yorkshire.
GB3YW first became operational in June 2005 from the premises of ‘Leeds Amateur Radio’ in East Ardsley near Leeds. However poor coverage and interference from paging transmitters forced us to look for an alternative location and one year later in June 2006 GB3YW moved to its present location near Huddersfield.

In September 2006 we made an application to take over the license and running of GB3WC a 23cm voice repeater that had previously been located on Emley Moor but had been forced to close down due to the high cost of renting the site. The repeater became operational again on 7th February 2007 and is co-sited with GB3YW.


The repeaters are maintained and operated by Michael G1XCC , Dave G4RQI and John G4RCG . As such the group has no members but instead relies upon an annual donation collected each February from it’s users to keep the repeaters operational. An annual donation of £10 a year will go towards the annual electric bill, site rental, insurance and general maintenance costs associated with running several repeaters.

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