You can donate by paypal by pressing the donate button below Please mark as a gift to save on PayPal fee and add callsign or if you prefer you may pay by cheque. Please make your cheques payable to GB3YW and place your name, callsign and address on the back of the cheque and send it to:-

John Muzyka, 2 Engine Fold, Kirkhamgate, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 0PP.

To donate by PayPal click the link below and you will be directed to our PayPal account Please put your call sign as reference Thanks.

 Note GB3YW this is the account we have had since we put on our first repeater YW.

Donations received for 2019 Jan/Dec

G6DBC Tony, M0HRE Howard, G0IAX Richard, Doug G4SEQ, Nigel 2E0NCC, Paul M0XZT, John G7PFY, David M0KZX, Jim G4XTE, John G4TKO, David M0RIU, John M6PPS, Darren 2E0FEV, Tony M5AIB, Keith G0RLN, Peter M0REO , Victor 2E0VBV , Paul G0TVB

Monthly Payments, Nigel 2E0NCC,

Donations received from July 2019 to June 2020

G1YPQ Karl, G4TKO John, M0XZT Paul. G0DIY Frazer. G0SSZ Roger. G3ZXZ Martin. G4YLV Bob. G1XCC Michael. 2E0FTS Paul. M0KZX David. G4GNP Steve.

G0TVB Paul. G4TKO John . G1YPQ Karl. 2E0BRI Brian. G1MHU Robin. G0DIY Frazer. G0DIS Paul. G1IKF Roy . G4XYR Bill. G0RLN Keith. M0VBV Vic. M0ZIM Mark. G0MJZ John. G0HRF Maureen. G1KOO Stewart. G1FYS Kevin. G0ISX Malcolm. G2UG. Halifax and District A.R.S . M7AOZ Duncan. G0TVB Paul. G7BSL Philip. G4TKO John. G1YPQ Karl. M7DUB Darren. G0WRT Paul. M7RMW Bob.

M6GOL Michael. M7AWZ Mark. G3EAR East Ardsley Radio Society. G4YLV Bob . G1XCC Michael. M0ZIM Mark MCR Communications. G4TKO John. M0LEV Mick.

G0HYF Maureen. G1KOO Stewpot . M7KIM Steve. M7GDE Andy. M7FBM Carl. G7NPL Chris. G0WRT Paul . 2E0FTS Paul. 2E0JNX John. G0DIY Frazer.

Monthly Payments Doug G4SEQ. Nigel 2E0NCC. Ron G0TLA.

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